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Heat Technology

Thermo Bug - Heat Treatment Technology to Eliminate Pest, like Bed Bugs & Co.

Thermo Bug employs temperatures around 55°C to kill insects. A special heat pump uses circulating hot air to raise the temperature of the entire room, including every crack and crevice – there is nowhere an insect can hide. There are no insecticides and there is no residue build-up, so no risk of toxic or allergic reactions.


In addition to bed bugs, the system is ideal for eliminating stored product pests such as grain beetles, flour moths and cockroaches. The method is perfect for hotels, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants, food courts and the organic industry. Treated rooms can be reoccupied as soon as the temperature has fallen to normal once more.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments
Bed Bug Heat Treatments
Bedbug Heat Treatments

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CRYONITE - High Tech Freezing Technology to Eliminate Pests like Bed Bugs & Co.

The Cryonite System uses very low temperatures to kill insects. Insects are frozen using carbon dioxide “snow”. There are no insecticides and there is no residue build-up, so no risk of toxic or allergic reactions.

Cryonite Freezing Tool

The carbon dioxide used is a by-product of an industrial process, so using it adds no extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Dry ice (-78°C) is discharged by a patented nozzle at optimal particle size and stream velocity. This technology is internationally proven and thoroughly tested.

Cryonite Bed Bugs & Co Treatment
Cryonite Bed Bugs & Co Treatment
Cryonite-Bed Bugs pest control

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BRC - Commercial, Domestic or Decorative Insect Light Traps / Fly Zapper Traps

Glue boards, Electric or Decorative units are designed to offer protection against flying insects for sensitive areas including commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and front-of-house locations.

BRC units are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and wattage to suit large and small premises.

Infra Red Heating Solutions, ideal for bars and open areas like your garden.

Modern design and easy to install.

Fly Trap / Insect Zapper Bug Trap
Infra Red Heater outside gas heater
Electric Fly Trap / Zapper

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NARA Lure & Bloc

NARA Family - Allergen Free Rodent Attractant

NARA Rodent Lure

Allergen-management has become a major topic in many food product companies. NARA is the first allergen free attractant, which is especially designed for this specific purpose.

Law as well as many food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only after the determination of rodent activity anticoagulants may be used subject to stringent restrictions. Common monitoring baits have the critical disadvantage that they serve as food for rodents, which increases their lifetime and the risk of a rising reproduction of rodents. Moreover, most common baits are prone to mould formation in damp areas. In other areas they are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, bristletails and moths.


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eMitter - BEEP, Basic or Pro Permanent Monitoring

Around-the-clock-control for snap traps!

eMitter saves you the daily manual checking of all traps used, which is required by animal welfare law. Instead, the bait stations are connected to the server via radio. The trap in combination with the eMitter controller makes a permanent monitoring possible. As soon as a pest enters the trap, the responsible person is informed via e-mail or SMS. They can now directly head for the triggered trap and free the animal.

emitter beep 24/7 monitoring
emitter beep 24/7 monitoring
emitter-pro- Long range monitoring
Pest Control Rats and Mice

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Non Toxic Pest control solutions IPM Insect and Rodent Control

DEsigend2Kill - Non Toxic Insect Control with Amorphius Silica

‘DEsigned-2-KILL’ - Aerosol - made from a formula based upon selected food grade selection of Amorphous Silica (DE), is an effective way of eliminating small insects and preventing insects recurring without resorting to conventional residual harmful pesticides.

While the ‘DEsigned-2-KILL’ is completely harmless to larger animals and humans, even if swallowed (in fact it is actually in its pure form recommended as a dietary supplement for pets), it is lethal to insects.

If any insect comes into contact with Amorphous Silica (DE) it causes their waxy natural coating through scratches to simply to dehydrate and die. This fact is NO small concern when you consider the amount of insecticide that is usually used to achieve insect control. In fact, you may already be using this product in your home. Diatomaceous Earth can be found in products that help to remove chemical spills as well as in cat box litter.


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Silvalure Glue Trap Solutions

Silvalure - Non Toxic Pest Control Solutions

Pest control in the food & grocery industry, restaurants, hotels, etc. is very important. In these areas, there are rules and regulations to follow, but more important are the quality criteria. Pest control has a vital, but not always recognised role.

Identifying Pests
in order for humans to combat pests, it is important to think like them. Pests, like insects and rodents, need three things to survive: food, water and protection or a place to live. If any of these needs are removed, the pests will not be able to survive. Thus it is important to identify the pests and study where they’re coming from. We can then determine the technology that needs to be used, placing a premium on safety with regard to the products, employees and environment.

Integrated Pest Control
Integrated pest control is a programme that reduces the need for pesticides to control pests by maximizing the use of other practical methods. We have a number of products for use in integrated pest control. We use sticky insect traps that employ a special glue that can tolerate UV light over a comparatively long period of time. This increases not only their effectiveness but also the time between service intervals.

Insect Trapping
Bed Bug Encasement

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Gorilla Traps

Gorilla Traps - Rat and Mice Snap Traps

The world strongest rodents toughest Traps

The strongest mouse & Rat traps available with discrete "Bait with NARA Lure" and "eMitter ready" in the plastic mold for cross-selling.

General information:
Bait socket made especially for NARA® Lures. The high quality springs delivering most humane capture of mice.


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Eagle Eye - Eco Friendly Bird Control Solutions

Urban Bird Control has become a necessity as the predator bird population fade, and the amount of artificial shelter and easy-to-find food sources escalate, pest-bird numbers are starting to get out of control.

Pigeons, Gulls, Sparrows and other species have become a massive problem for building-owners, residents, the health conscious as well as farmers.

Bird infestation is associated with acidic droppings, disease, lice, noise, property damage, product-loss and many more.

Other bird control solutions have been either unsatisfactory, or too brutal to tolerate.

In our efforts to find an effective, but harmless bird control solution to this problem, we designed and manufactured the Eagle Eye™ bird reduction unit. Long-term testing has proven that problem-bird numbers are reduced by 60-80% in the area around an Eagle Eye™ installation.

In order to perform a successful Eagle Eye™ system installation, an accredited agent should assist in the placement of the units to ensure optimal results.

The Eagle Eye™ is a bird-reduction unit, and is also ideal to use in conjunction with complementary products such as the Eagle Eye Nightmare™ Sound System, bird-spikes, netting etc.

The Eagle Eye™ system has made bird control affordable, simple and environmentally friendly.


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