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Setting the standard for environmentally friendly and non-toxic products and services.

Hi - Stands For...

We understands that "Hi" means the highest standards and quality services to achieve the best results for our customers.

Combined with our unique developments and high standards, has led ALPECO to invest in the high-tech pest control sectors. Very often the high-tech is the only way to deal with issues in pest control, as traditional methods fail.

  • For example, the use of chemicals against insects has proven to be not as effective, due to the insects building up resistance.

It is proven and known that chemical resistance within insects has occurred due to the ban of strong and dangerous chemicals. This leads only to the use of modern and latest solutions together with ensuring the benefits to humans are health friendly.

We have set our benchmark high in all aspects of Pest Control Services and Methods. We ensure all Partners understand the quality and approach to ensure Hi-Eco-Genic can be a leader in the field. We recognise that quality equipment and products are only as good as the people who will work with them.

Our clients expect 100% effective solutions that are efficient and environmental sustainable.

ECO - Stands For...

Our environmentalism is part of a broad philosophy, ideology and social movement regarding concerns for environmental and human health protection.

The stabilisation and improvement of the health of the environment will automatically improve if humanity seeks ecologically safe and renewable resources, particularly as the measure for this health seeks to incorporate the concerns of non-human elements. Even within the pest world, environmentalism advocates the preservation, restoration, protection and / or the improvement of the environment we are living in, and may be referred to as a movement to control pollution or protect plant, human living space and even animal diversity.

Our partners are attempting to balance any approach and any method with a proper degree of environmental sustainability. The exact measure and outcome of this balance is a guarantee of our service, success and non-toxic methods in pest control. Environmental concerns are often represented by the color green like the Hi-Eco-Genic Certification and Trade Mark.

For this reason, we have aligned and chosen methods & products like BRC, Designed2Kill, eMitter, NARA, Cryonite or Thermo Bug and other such non-chemical solutions predominantly. Only HI-Eco-Genic approved products or methods will be offered and implemented, due to our goal to be a leader in the modern world of alternative pest control.

Genic - Stands For...

Genic - stands for the high level of hygiene and safety with generations of development and training.

Often abbreviated to high-tech, it is the technology and methods that are at the cutting edge with the most advanced technology/methods available. Some call it know how with latest!

Because the high-tech sector in pest control often develops or uses the most advanced technology known, it is often seen as having the most potential for future growth and success.

To become a Hi-Eco-Genic approved supplier and user, we have guidelines that fall under all aspects of these Standards and need to fit into our believed approach.

Hi-Eco-Genic Authorised Partners...

Are unique, certified, complement and implement high-tech into their existing methods and in most cases these have replaced the unnecessary traditional methods.

New methods and technologies have already replaced traditional or old products and dangerous methods in many countries around the world:

  • For example, the use of glue boards against rodents or the use of toxic chemicals. These are now banned in most western countries for many reasons.

Why be cruel to animals when alternatives exist:

  • For example, the eMitter rodent trapping device system. 100% non toxic and effective.

Hi-Eco-Genic Standards



Hi-Eco-Genic certifies only the best services that provide the most effective and environmentally friendly systems, methods and products.

Service Providers

Service Providers

Our service providers create a network group whose members are proud to be the most innovative suppliers in proven eco-friendly solutions.



Satisfied customers are the best reference. See companies who have received Hi-Eco-Genic certified services.